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This group is for those of you who have been deeply influenced by reading the book "the 7 habits of Highly effective people" and/or love the teachings of Tony Robbins (Unleash the power within, Unlimited Power,...), and who are committed to implement those principles in the their daily lives.

WHY a group combining both the 7 Habits and Tony Robbins ? : I personally find the 7 Habits to be my roadmap, my light house giving me the direction where my life should go. And I find Tony Robbins teachings to provide down to earth and easy to understand tools how to practically implement those good practices in my daily life. Tony's use of NLP is a great source of inspiration.
So in the last analysis, I find both, the 7 Habits and Tony Robbins teachings, to complement each other beautifully and provide all that is needed to get a fulfilling and happy life.

This group is for like minded people who want to discuss the best strategies, share their successes and talk about their struggles in implementing in their daily lives those principles.

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