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Calling people who are: Fun, Vivacious and Effervescent about life and love to travel and explore NJ as if you haven’t lived here your whole life. Let's geek out and go for tours, or go wander around a town you have never visited …snow tubing, river tubing …anything that does not require a lot of skill but is fun :)

We are looking to expand our group with some fun loving, youthful, funny, great people! And it would be a major perk if you happen to live in the 732 area code. If not, hey...it’s worth traveling to meet good people. Girls, guys…the more the merrier, let's plan some cool stuff!

New Members are ALWAYS WELCOME at ANY Meetup event we host. We do not wait for certain events...our group is your group. We are a welcoming bunch xoxox

If you don’t see an event posted that works for you and you would like to host an event, just contact the organizer with details.

This is a group geared towards singles, but we welcome all regardless of your relationship status! This IS a group about getting together with people who want to go out and have a great time. This group offers us the opportunity to enjoy the things we love with other like-minded people.

From time to time, you may see LMMU (last minute meet up) or what this group has coined as a "post and go". This is when an organizer finds free time and wants to get a group together fast- this can be a great way to meet some of the group in small doses. But if many people are what you prefer, then that is awesome too!

We can be your Wing-men/Wing-women...how great it is to know you can go hang out somewhere and already have a crew to hang out with? Let's help each other, and have a great time all at the same time.

Groups are not about numbers, but engagement - actually coming out, being part of us, ya know? It's easy to sit at a computer and watch life pass you by, maybe a small investment will keep someone from joining if they really don't plan on meeting up w/ meet up :) (the whole point, btw)

Meet up charges the organizer of meet up groups $90.00 every 6 months. Member dues will help pay for organizer dues, as well as hopefully help get all members out with the group/more engaged and participating. Be proud you are here in Jersey's 732, be proud you are single, and most importantly, get out and LIVE!

We also accept offers of sponsorship, please contact Dion, Dawn or any "732" Leader/Organizer/Event Organizer, etc. for more information. Please know the incentive you would be willing to offer the group.

Many members have asked how they can tell people about the group quickly - just tell them to Google the following - Single in the 732 and we will pop up. Or, our brand new quick link: https://www.meetup.com/732peeps/

Update: We now have an official group theme song and have been granted permission to use this song by the writers/producers. Thank you Neeks and Kyle!


Follow us on brand new Instagram account; opened 6/28/16 , the name is 732meetup, and the hashtag is #732meetup

Update summer of 2017 - There will always be those that try to imitate or repost our same events even if it something we found out about only through the direct owner or what have you...it happens. The Peeps leaders love and continue to appreciate your loyalty in letting us know when other groups "steal" our ideas, post for our same event for the same day even at times, but just remember, that while other groups need to do this, we do not. So, we will hold our head up high, and just say well...imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. We do understand how this frustrates the meetup community because it lacks originality, however as hosts our biggest pet peeve is when other groups to not even ask us to copy our events :( The only thing we can save as hosts, is if this bothers you, do not RSVP to the group who posted after us - they will get the message in time. Thank you all for continuing to let us know, but like we said, there is not much we can do, just show how you feel with your RSVP. Now, lets make some memories! :)

The other issue that has been reported has been hosts from other group direct messaging within to the peeps members from the group page asking them to join their event or group. Again, it is fair play I guess, but if it bothers you, we can ask them to stop, but the voice of your RSVP or lack there of is what will stop it most. People only continue w/ things that work.

Interested in joining the Peeps Planners? Message the organizers :) Nothing to do it really...have an idea, be the greeter, and help intro when you can....events have an average of 6-15 peeps. Nice managable size, able to get to know people.

Events at a glance?



***IMPORTANT INFORMATION*** liability and release

By signing up as a member of the "20-40 Something Peeps of the "732" (https://www.meetup.com/Cool-30-Something-Single-Peeps-in-the-732-area-code/) "732 Peeps" (as our named changed several years ago) and/or attending an event,(as a member, guest or minor) you and your guests or minors (if applicable) accept and fully understand and will adhere to the fact that any event can come with risk and/or harm, and you fully assume all risks associated with such participation, including travel to and from the event. You agree to be responsible for your own safety and equipment; and realize that waterway conditions, obstacles, weather, your own skill level, and even peoples personalities, choices, and tolerance levels can change at any time. Acts of GOD regarding weather, illnesses, pandemics, epidemics no matter man made or made via human nature are all risks factors you are taking into account and will not hold this group, meetup as a whole or anyone part of the group liable for any actions or inactions which render any illness of any kind or depth of seriousness. You and any guest(s), minor(s) etc., agree to hold all Organizers and/or Sponsors harmless in the event of the following, but not limited to, equipment or vehicle loss or damage, emotional stress, job loss, driving or licensing (of any kind) loss, injury or death.

Know when to say when regarding any consumption of alcohol and all interpersonal connections, both friendly, business related and/or romantic/sexual involvement. You agree to be self protecting, and self aware, as background checks are not run on members of meet-up.

Drug use, sale, or dispensation of any kind is not allowed within this group.

Paypal : When paying for an event via Paypal, please list as a GIFT, or the person who is accepting payments is accessed a fee. The people who do this, have a history of eating this cost. Furthermore, if you are charged a fee from paypal, and later cancel going to event, we can not refund that Paypal fee money- you will receive the cost of the event, just not paypal's charge(s) if any apply; Usually about 1 dollar.

Chip on our page: Chip is another option you may use instead of Paypal - this is the recommended form of payment for this meetup group.

Update : July 2015 - Would like to work on more sponsorships.. the more followers the easier that will be for us to bring in $ for free drinks and food.

Please follow/like us on our new pages via Facebook and also google plus:

https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1005150945965 (https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100515094596584865179/100515094596584865179/about/p/pub?hl=en&ppsrc=GPDA2)...



Group was founded by Dawn Liberty "D-Roc" April of 2013, and the first Meetup occurred June of 2013. In the words from our "Godfather"(mother's) favorite singer she wants us to "Measure up our wealth in friends and family". Group was taken over by Dion M.

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