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777 Vegan is a resource for vegans and veg-curious people in the far western suburbs of Chicagoland, including but not limited to: Aurora, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Lisle, Montgomery, Oswego, Naperville, Warrenville, and Wheaton. We host regular meetings at restaurants and sometimes in meeting spaces, like the Kimberly Steele Studio (http://kimberlysteelemusic.com/location) in Naperville. Typically, we will always have at least two restaurant meetings per month.


1. This is a vegan group. Any promotion of the "benefits" of using or destroying animals is not in keeping with the spirit of our group. Members and guests are required to respect this. Please understand that 777Vegan is a support group for vegans and the vegan-curious, not a debate group.

2. There will be no discussion of whether or not companion animals can be vegan.

3. Using our group to generate sales, for instance of a company or a personal brand, is generally frowned upon.

4. This group does not tolerate stalking and sexual harassment.

5. Though you do not have to be vegan to join our group, please keep in mind that you must be supportive of veganism during the time you attend a 777 Vegan gathering, which means you and guests avoiding all animal products for that temporary period.

6. We have a 2 Strikes, You're Out policy for No Shows as of March 2019. A No Show is where a member signs up for an event, then fails to show up without cancelling the RSVP with Meetup.com at any time prior to the event.

Upcoming events (2)

Vegan Lunch at Blue Sushi Sake downtown Naperville

Blue Sushi Saki Grill

Blue Sushi Sake in downtown Naperville offers a huge vegan sushi menu, vegan miso soup, vegan watermelon "tuna" (they call it ahimi) and nice lunch specials. Join us for a delight that isn't to be missed! *Please respect that 777Vegan is a vegan group, so all who join us, even guests, must order only vegan items from the menu for the duration of our gathering. **No communication RSVPs, where members cancel without notice of any kind, carry a two strikes, you're out of the group policy.

Vegan Taco Potluck

Kimberly Steele Studio

Tacos are an important major food group in any vegan's diet. Vegan Taco Potluck at Kimberly Steele Studio: we will convene to create the world's greatest vegan taco buffet. Bring your own taco ingredient and please state what you will bring and describe it (i.e. "shredded lettuce, steamed no-oil seasoned cauliflower florets, ground vegan crumbles") in the comments below so we have a good variety of options. Meetup will open doors at 6:30 with plans to eat at 7pm. Big families: you may bring all the guests you want, more than the 5 allowed by Meetup. Just let me know via PM. Please keep in mind our 2 Strikes policy when RSVP-ing to this potluck. Members who do a no-show, no-call absence will be removed from this group after two instances of saying Yes and not being there and also not notifying us as to the cancellation at any 777 Vegan event. I'll be raffling off a copy of The Taco Cleanse cookbook to raise money to send to our sponsor, Jaci Parmakis, who generously covers this group's fees. Suggested donation is $2. 100% of donations go to Jaci Parmakis, 777Vegan's sponsor.

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