• Kimberly Steele's Compost Party in Honor of Mike Durschmid (The Master Hippie)

    What's a vegan Compost Party? It's where you bring your vegan food scraps to Kimberly's house and throw them in her compost pile. Don't throw those valuable food scraps away! Please bring your food scraps (I freeze mine in a plastic container and then dump them in the yard whenever I get enough) and feed my compost pile, providing black gold for my gardens in the future! In exchange for your valuable food leavings, I'll be feeding everyone a healthy lunch with produce from my garden. Bring your scraps and bring a hearty appetite for fresh produce! Keep your fingers crossed that the tomatoes ripen by then as well. This event is happening rain or shine. This event is in honor of the late Mike Durschmid, who passed through the gates after battling cancer in 2018. Mike was an ethical vegan and a prolific activist known as "Master Hippie" for his peaceful nature and ability to bring people together. Since this event is at my house in Aurora, I am not going to be broadcasting the address of the event publicly. Once you RSVP, I will provide you the address in a private message. Parking is available on the street in front of my house, which does not have its own driveway.

  • Kimberly's Birthday & 9th Veganniversary @ Blue Sushi Sake downtown Naperville

    Blue Sushi Sake in downtown Naperville offers a huge vegan sushi menu, vegan miso soup, vegan watermelon "tuna" (they call it ahimi) and various specials. Join us for a delight that isn't to be missed! *Please respect that 777Vegan is a vegan group, so all who join us, even guests, must order only vegan items from the menu for the duration of our gathering. **No communication RSVPs, where members cancel without notice of any kind, carry a two strikes, you're out of the group policy.

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Vegan Snacks Potluck

    Kimberly Steele Studio

    Scott Pilgrim Vegan Potluck -- We'll have a vegan potluck of snacks and then watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, the 2010 movie adapted from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. Please bring a vegan snack, preferably something that is bite-sized and can be eaten in the semi-dark while watching a movie. If you can't think of anything to bring, bottled beverages such as juice or soda are always wanted. Please keep it vegan: no eggs, milk, cheese, honey, or meat. Potluck will begin at 6:45 with plans to watch the movie at 7pm. Don't be shy about describing what you will bring in the comments below. Please take into consideration the 2 No Show Absence rule of our group, which means that 2 no show, no call, no nothing RSVPs result in being deleted from the group. No children under the age of 10 invited.