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Virginia Innovators Network (VINE) - Alan Amron, inventor of "Post-It Notes"

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Alan Amron will be speaking about his "Press-on Memo" invention (known to the world as Post-it notes by 3M).


Alan Amron, founding partner at Thought Development, Inc. has over 40 years of experience as a professional entrepreneur inventor, concept promoter and signatory agent listed with the writers guilds on both coasts.

Amron’s knack for inventing began in 1973 when he invented a product he called the Press-On-Memo (today’s product is known as Post-it note) which was a pad of paper with a sticky glue backing which could affix to almost any item, only to stop production after generating $75,000 in sales because the cost to make the pads was prohibitive. 3M gave Amron a check to settle the one week old litigation.

Amron has developed numerous technologies and received patents that are the foundation of many business endeavors. He currently holds 39 patents, with 16 successful products licensed, from battery operated steady stream water guns, to compact flash digital image pocket players licensed to Nikon Camera. Of his 16 licensed inventions, multiple have drawn national media attention during product reviews to include:

• First Down Laser Systems - Developed by Amron in partnership with veteran player and announcer Pat Summerall, was created for use as the official first down marker by the NFL and NCAA college conferences. This patented invention is under consideration by all major football franchises and consists of a chain flag sets system, a laser-beam first down line visible in the stadium, as well as on TV.

• Photo Wallet – Created by Amron's company VideoChip Technologies, it was the first handheld reader of the MPEG and JPEG format. It could also read Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents.

• Battery operated water guns, which later transitioned into multiple versions of the Storm pressurized water guns by Trendmasters and Jakks Pacific, Inc., transforming into the successful pressurized product known to the world of toy water guns. Numerous magazines, including Popular Mechanics, revered them as changing the world of water guns.

• ePass - eCredentials the first ever secure electronic transactions and smartphone ticketing changing every minute bar code algorithm.

Noteworthy Facts:

• The last 10 products have earned Amron over $9 million in personal royalty revenues.

• Past partnership ventures include Frank and Tina Sinatra (Bi-Coastal Airlines); Muhammad Ali (Beatles reunion); and Kristy and Jimmy McNichol (ABC’s TV series, Toys and Music Albums).

• LA times best selling book The Whipping Boy by Beth Holmes is represented by Amron.

• Amron’s products have been sold and featured on DRTV media (HSN, QVC) and large retail outlets including: WalMart, K-Mart, Target, Sears, Toy R Us, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, eBay, and the Sharper Image catalog.

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