Meet the Associates from LA's Top Funds and Accelerators!

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Meet and get to know the associates from some of LA's top Venture Funds and Accelerators!

• Arteen Arabshahi from Karlin Ventures (

• Chris Olson from Amplify.LA (

• Austin Clements from TenOneTen Ventures (

A little background about what associates at venture funds do:

According to a great blog post by Mark Suster (, associates have different functions at different VCs. Usually there roles are a combination of:

- Deal sourcing for partners
- Deal screening
- Deal support / analysis / quant / legal for deals a partner is seriously considering
- Portfolio company support & analysis
- Portfolio community building
- Industry reviews
- VC firm admin
- VC firm policy or fund analysis
- Helping be the VC “presence” at key events
- Alumni activities