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The Atlassian Community strives to encourage better use of Atlassian tools. We seek to:

1. Share and learn Atlassian product knowledge, best practices, and case studies.

2. Provide valuable user input to Atlassian so that they can keep making great products for us to use

3. Network and build a support system with fellow Atlassian product users.

This user group is open to all current and prospective Atlassian product users from Bulgaria, interested in knowledge sharing and mingling with fellow users.


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We did it SOx way - Genius Sports and automating SOx processes using Atlassian

SOx stands for Sarbanes–Oxley Act. Being SOx compliant is crucial for NY Stock exchange (NYSE) listed companies.

Velizar is part of Genius Sports. One of his latest projects was to help implement SOx and ITGC-related processes in Jira and Jira Service Management.

Join us to learn more about the Genius way of covering the SOx compliance requirements.

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