Founders' Roundtable on Hiring and Retention


In this roundtable, we will be discussing "Ways to Hire & Retain Better" for a growth stage startup.

Our super mentor Siddharth Yadav will gear the session with the following themes and help the mentees apply it to their startups:

- Building out your second-layer team (after the founders)
- Building the perfect Job Description
- Competency-based recruitment (how to use assessments and objective testing to bring order to your process)
- Structured Interviews: How to eliminate the notoriously bias-prone process of face to face interviews using panels and structured interview questions?
- How to engage & retain the employees?

Who should attend?
1. Anyone who has a business and is struggling in the recruitment & retention process.
2. Anyone who has a business and is looking to build a team soon.
3. Anyone who has a business and is looking for ways to retain their employees.
4. Anyone who knows what it's like managing the recruitment process of a growing business and is up for some sharing and cross-learning!

Attendees are requested to prepare their questions and queries based on the above pointers before coming for the session.
Registering for the event does not guarantee a slot.
Kindly wait for a confirmation call.