What we're about

This group is to invite and ignite a conversation about what the future holds for our children, and how education needs to adapt. We're looking at options for educational well being, as traditional education continues to fall short of preparing kids for what their lives will inevitably encounter.

What do you think the 21st Century will hold for your child?
What skills will be valued?
What opportunities will be available?
Is our current system adequate to prepare our kids for the future they will inherit?
Are you questioning the public school system but have so many questions about options?
Are you concerned about giving your kids tools to get a job, or adapt to global shifts that will inevitably be part of their world?
What life skills will they need?

Ultimately, we’d like to design a Shared Vision of what a 21st Century Education should include and how we can support each other in achieving this end.

We do work with HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning, an alternative learning center, and we want to ignite a conversation to bring together shared views toward solutions for educating our kids- to listen to what parents are looking for and continue to innovate in a way that meets the needs of our community.

Upcoming events

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