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Sonoma County Astronomical Society Meeting

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Who We Are

Our membership consists of astronomy and science enthusiasts of all ages, both amateur and professional.
The purpose of the club is to:

Promote an interest in astronomy Offer educational lectures on astronomy and the sciences that enhance our understanding Provide an experience of the wonders of the night sky to the Sonoma County public Encourage young people's interest in astronomy and science education with our Striking Sparks ( program Join us! See Membership ( for details.

School Star Parties

These are held on request of schools in Sonoma County. We provide an introductory in-class PowerPoint presentation, and several club members bring telescopes to the school for night sky viewing. There is no charge for a School Star Party, but they are on a "first come, first served" basis.

Contact for more information.

Striking Sparks Telescope Awards Program

One of our goals is to fuel the imagination of young people. Each year students submit essays explaining why they want a telescope. Telescopes are awarded to those entering the best essays.

The next deadline is Saturday, February 18, 2012. Download your entry packet from our Striking Sparks ( page.

To further support youthful star-gazers, SCAS encourages our Young Astronomers to join us at the Robert Ferguson Observatory and to participate in local star parties. See the Young Astromomers ( page to learn more.

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