What we're about

We're a group of owners, leaders, partners and directors of Technology Consultancies and Digital Agencies who meet because…

• We want our companies to bring value to our employees, our clients, society and ourselves;

• We want to do that while growing profitably, doing interesting work, and enjoying the ride;

• We believe that collectively we can amplify the good, the profit, the interest, and the fun.

Particularly complex diagram to demonstrate where we believe consultancies and agencies should sit =>


That means you're welcome to join our bevy if:

• You own, lead or are on the board of a tech consultancy or digital agency of 10+ employees - this is a group of peers facing similar opportunities, challenges and aspirations;

• You're open to sharing strategies, tactics and experiments - not full open kimono, but enough for us all to add and gain value;

• You lead with (or wish you led with!) your values - provided they don't suck;

• You can take and/or give banter, and are not up your own back-side.

Meetups will be a combination of peer-led sessions, presentations on topics specific to our areas and open-space sessions. And we'll always be trying to make that more enjoyable than it sounds!

This group is strictly for owners / directors / partners. There are plenty of generic consulting groups around, but none that allow this group of peers to meet with their own particular common opportunities and challenges. So please don't apply if you're a consultant or coach - many groups would be a better fit than this one!

Pithy summary - join if you're about growing your consultancy or agency with a focus on profitability, interesting work, values and fun.

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