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As we Prepare for next years Election, Thanks to the GOP & their Gerrymandering of districts the 1st Congressional District now is part of 8 parishes My goal is to have Action leaders in each Parish to help in setting up Meet & Greets with local businesses, Plan different Fundraisers, and be my eyes and ears. I Can't do this without your Help, Because Only Together can we Restore Our Country from all the Lies and Hatred we have all witnessed these last 7 years & how deep it still runs We have a lot of Hard Work Ahead. As we say in the Seabees, " We Build, We Fight, We Can Do" I Hope to see you there Date and Place will be announced shortly, So get your thinking cap on, notebook and calendar ready.

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    The Purpose of this group, Is to Issue A Call to Action to those of you who value your Rights and Freedoms, A Call for us to work together to protect and defend the Constitution which has been under assault and ignored by the United States Supreme Court since 2000 and by not just the U.S. Congress but the State Legislatures since 2007. Enough is Enough.

    The goal of the group is to RESTORE both our Constitutional & Civil Rights that have been taken away and to Protect and Defend the Rights we still have. The upcoming election is a battle for the heart and soul of our country and it is not hyperbole to say that the future of this country is truly a matter of life and death for the American people. & Honestly, too many men and women have given their health and lives to keep us safe and secure. Too many Americans have fought to protect and Uphold the Constitution, All the while defending our families, freedoms, & rights, as well as the many programs that have helped save millions of American lives. These are programs that gave Americans a hand up in times of need, Programs that may of our current members of Congress benefitted from, but they Do Not want others to have the same chance, This MUST be Changed

    The Time has come for us to Speak the Truth, Even if your voice Shakes, Knees get weak, and You may be Shunned, The Truth has to be Spoken & Acknowledged, even though we may not like it. Too many Innocent people have died and are being killed because of the rise of Racist, Bigoted, Hatred of not just the usual suspects but are being led by a National Political Party and a National Media company. And all this because we voted for a Bi-racial American Man, Instead of a Warmonger & White man. It is clear by their Actions We have not come as far as we thought on Racism & Bigotry. We Finally have to Admit that the Hatred is still alive and well in our country. So;

    THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION, It is Time To Restore the 4 Freedoms that this Country was built on, In case You Do Not Know them they are as follows, as FDR expressed them in his famous speech:

    (1) Freedom Of Speech

    (2) Freedom Of & From Religion

    (3) Freedom From Want

    (4) Freedom From Fear

    This is the United States Our Founding Fathers Established, A Nation that "ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL" IN BOTH THE EYES OF GOD & MAN! We Must NEVER Forget We Are All Americans, and Those who support & Promote Hatred Has NO Place in Our Country.

    If You Feel the Same Way, I Sincerely Hope that You will Join Us as We Take Our Country Back, & Restore and Protect The Constitution, As we should have done all these years, Instead of Allowing the Extremist to dictate what we can and cannot do, what they will acknowledge and what they ignore.

    THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION, The Question is How Will You Answer?


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