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"How much time do you spend developing your Leadership?"

Leadership is in a period of crisis. Globally our world is calling for attention to environmental concerns, government, and humanitarian rights at the global level and local levels. Yet 75% of people, according to Gallup, leave their jobs because of their Bosses. Here in NZ and Australia, Gallup report that only 17% of people are engaged at work. The crisis of Leadership is not just at the level of large organisations it seeps through every industry, organisation and community at every level.

AND it is really easy to point the finger at someone else and say it is their fault. When asked, people around the globe will tell you consistently what great Leadership looks like. Yet we are not taught to be Leaders, we know what it is when we see it, but it is just expected that we can be. So the reality is that all of us need to develop our Leadership, even if we think we are doing ok, we can still take the next step up.

So my question at the beginning remains.

“How much time do you spend developing your Leadership?”

This group will meet on a monthly basis and examine an ingredient of Leadership. Each meeting will be an experiential exploration of your Leadership so that you can take away insights for the month until we meet again. You get to take your Leadership on a journey.

Who should join: This group is for anyone in Leadership, whether you are a Leader at work, in your community, at a school or just interested in the topic.

Why Join: Developing and growing your Leadership is a journey, it is not a one time training. It is a journey that you will get to share with others. You will get the opportunity to develop and grow into your Leadership Wisdom.

What to expect: Each meeting we will take a topic current to Leadership or a topic relevant to a member of the group and explore what it means to you. It will not be a rational exploration as our thinking mind tells us how it should be not how it works best for you. Sometimes you might gain an 'aha', sometimes it might be a deep knowing, and other times it might be confusion, as it is all part of the journey as it unfolds.

Building a Leadership community: It will be challenging and inspiring, scary and fun and to be around a group of people who really want to take their Leadership to the next level is invaluable. At times you may buddy up to share between meetings on how it is going, as that ongoing support and understanding is a powerful part of the journey. Sharing a Leadership journey with someone is special and magic.

Meeting: Monthly on a Tuesday or Monday

Cost: $25 per meeting

Bring: A journal to capture your thoughts and insights.

Get to know Dawn: This group will be facilitated by Dawn Voyce, who has worked alongside Leaders, Leadership Teams and Culture in Europe and Australia for over 15 years. During this time she has helped many leaders navigate the tricky terrain of change, adjust their behaviours, communication and thinking patterns such that they had a better impact on their organisations, and help them understand the power of silos and collaboration. She has helped teams bond better such that performance improves through finding a unified purpose, appreciating their team dynamics, prioritising what is important, improving meeting behaviours and practices, and finding the nugget that is going to help their organisations the most or helping teams to find platforms from which they can collaborate. Many people aren't connected or engaged with their organisations culture, but through conversations, exploration and meaning, she has helped people connect, embody and find loyalty and passion for their organisation.

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