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Singing Stars (Ontario-Wide Venues in 4-Part Close Harmony)

A Cappella: This word is Italian for "in the manner of the chapel". Specifically it is group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment. It contrasts with cantata which is usually accompanied singing.
Stella: Latin for "Star", as in "Singing Stars".

This MeetUp is an Ontario-wide community of interested singers (male & female), managed centrally in Toronto.

We take pleasure in the close harmony, the product of 4-part voices, (from low to high range, Bass, Baritone, Lead and Tenor). It is open to anybody who enjoys singing. Sight reading is not a prerequisite but a sensitivity to sing "in pitch" (i.e., sing the correct note...not higher and not lower) is key to ringing chords in harmony. Vowel and consonant sound management is equally important to produce that pure sound.

This MeetUp has its roots in Barbershop 4-Part Harmony. Today the Barbershop Harmony Society, historically a men's singing organization, has introduced the concept of "Everyone In Harmony". This means that there are now provisions to encourage and support both mixed and all male chorus profiles. The women continue to support both the Sweet Adelines and Harmony Inc. organizations. All of these groups are highly organized and meet weekly in rehearsal locations throughout Ontario. 4-Part arrangements representing both contemporary and traditional music are available. Learning tracks for those who do not sight read music are also used as part of the learning process.

A Cappella Stellas is an attempt to reach out to men and women singers in Ontario, who are interested in producing the magic of 4-part, close harmony. The goal is to help identify a "runway" to land each "Singing Star" at convenient rehearsal venue and preferred singing profile (men, women or mixed chorus) for every member who joins this MeetUp. It is not perfect, but it is highly organized. Landing spots will increase as this MeetUp grows and benefits from increased awareness.

Barry T.

CHO - Chief Harmony Officer

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