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EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS - What are they and how do they control your life?
You’re in a friendly, normal conversation with another person. Everything is going well until – BAM! Your blood pressure starts to rise, you have an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you suddenly have the urge to either get up and leave or strangle the person....and they just keep talking as if what they said was normal!! What just happened? You got triggered – that’s what happened. Looking back on the conversation, you can see how your anger was disproportionate to the situation, you might have realized just how disproportionate your reaction was, and how uncomfortably strange it felt. Almost all of us have some kind of trigger or “hot button,” that, when pushed, sets us off into uncomfortable emotions that may even lead to anger, hostility or fear. Does that happen to you sometimes? What Are Emotional Triggers? You may have heard of “trigger warnings” or “getting triggered” by another person before. But what does getting triggered actually mean? Emotional triggers are people, words, opinions, situations, or environmental situations that provoke a sudden and excessive emotional reaction within us. Common emotions that we experience while being triggered include anger, rage, sadness, and fear. Virtually anything can trigger us, depending on our beliefs, values, and earlier life experiences such as a tone of voice, a type of person, a particular viewpoint, a single word – anything can be a trigger. How to Identify Your Emotional Triggers When we aren’t aware of our emotional triggers, let alone how to handle them, our lives follow destructive paths. Unacknowledged triggers create suffering and chaos in people’s lives. Identifying your emotional triggers is so vital because without bringing to consciousness what provokes extreme responses from you, you’ll be a puppet constantly manipulated by your emotions. Your friendships will be strained or maybe ruined, your relationships might be turbulent and confusing, and your happiness level just won't be where you want it to be. It really is worth putting in the effort to explore your emotional triggers. The more aware you are, the less you will be ruled by the unconscious forces within you. And it’s not even that difficult to explore your triggers. The hardest part is actually to commit to the process. Come on out to this fun and innovative way of promoting growth in yourself and others. Hosted by Bruce Dougherty Based on the website -

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What we're about

Are you interested in developing your relationship awareness and communication skills?

TELL me and I will forget. TEACH me and I might remember. INVOLVE me and I will learn.

Our events will be organized, fun and will be INVOLVED!

More like a game show than a Meetup!We call them "GrowthShops".

We all have a toolbox of some sort that carries the physical tools we need to fix up the little things that can go wrong in our homes and in our cars. What about your mental toolbox for working on the things that can go wrong in your relationship? Is that box full of functional tools?

This is a group for people of all ages, and any type of relationship, who would like to improve their awareness and communication skills. The goal is to get groups of people together in organized, but casual settings to discuss all aspects of relationships. It is a great way to interact, meet other people in an "organic" way and a great way to learn about other people and become attracted to those who are attractive in real life, not just on a computer screen.

Our GrowthShops will cover topics like;

• What are your Core Values?

• Do You Know Your Attachment Style?

• Dealing with Relationship Conflict "consciously".

• Discover your Personality

• The 8 Conscious Connections

• The 6 Conscious Principles

And so much more!!

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Facilitated by Bruce Dougherty and Dr. Gisele Tennant

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