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The Real Meaning of Christmas
A special Christmas meeting (and party)! A Course in Miracles (T-15. X1.2.1) says: The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness Christmas is an invitation to connect to the Light within us, the very Light of Christ consciousness, so that we can awaken to our Oneness. Oneness is holiness and holiness is wholeness. We become whole again by remembering the truth of us as nothing other than loving Light. Jesus was a follower and he teaches us to follow the Holy Spirit, as he did. Holidays (holy days) are a good time to tune in to the Inner Guidance of Holy Spirit so that we reconnect with what is truly important: Love. To Love and Be Loved is the ‘being’ part of ‘human being’. Christ consciousness is simply ‘being’ an extension of God’s love. So let’s get together to ignite the spark that is always already within us so that we can let ourselves be that radiant star! After the meeting we will share a Xmas drink and a mince pie or two! The format of our meetings is carefully designed around the number of people attending, so it is important for me to know in advance. If you do sign up and then are unable to attend, please let me know. The suggested cost of the meeting has always been £10 but £5 is fine too. So sign up, come along, and learn how to become whole again! Big love, Leigh

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What we're about

Please come along and share in this beautiful spiritual teaching

Whatever your current knowledge or experience of the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is, you will be welcomed into the safe and courageous space of our meetings where you can just be yourself. You get together with like-minded souls who are willing to look at the spiritual intelligence within them.

It's lovely to drop all the masks and admit that life without Love is not working, and that we no longer want to experience a Godless world. ACIM is a gentle yet radical teaching that, when practised, brings miraculous shifts in your consciousness. It is a psycho-spiritual technology with a proven track record. It is a fast-track to unwinding your mind, removing the blocks to the awareness of the Love that you are. You discover that you are no different, and never could be any different from the Love that created you.

The purpose of the group is to find your 'tribe'. If ACIM calls to you, you will give and receive unconditional love and support as we explore this non-dual teaching. It is a wake up call to all those who know, somewhere deep inside them, that this world is not all there is. There is a little, hidden light within each of us that can show us the way home, home to our Source. Our meetings encourage that little light to shine brighter in all of us so that, by the end, there's a Gestalt of radiance that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Our joining together and inviting Spirit to guide our meeting creates dazzling insights!

This world has nothing of any lasting value to offer us. But when we keep choosing the light within us, we are turning to our inner Guide, the Holy Spirit, and it is through following his guidance that we awaken to the miraculous, eternal, pure, whole, innocent, creative, powerful Being that we are; we awaken to our home in Heaven, the place that we never, in truth, left.

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