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A Course in Miracles Reading Group- no RSVP needed
I'm glad you found our meetup site. You are welcome to come to our meeting anytime, to see if it resonates with you. We have loaner books, and a free library of CDs on various topics. The purpose of the reading group is to study the Course material in a way that will make it practical for people to experience less fear, and more love, joy and direction in their lives. To live healthier happier lives. For more information go to our website: www.acourseinmiracles4clearvison It is my greatest pleasure and honor to be able to facilitate the Course in Miracles reading group. During the past 20 years I have heard from numerous people how much the Course changed their view of life and improved their situations. I am gracious for the companionship in learning and in constantly reminding myself how to release fear, and experience peace, joy and direction in my life. I am grateful for the gift of living more in the Now, and less in the past and future. I hope you too will have an easier and lighter journey, filled with laughter and joy by making the Course principles part of your daily life. Welcome to the study group. If you have any suggestions or needs, please let me know. I have participated in about 10 different meeting groups around the country to learn, and have borrowed some of their formats. I am not a scholar, nor an expert- I do not have the material memorized. I merely study with the group, and the effects on my life have been profound. I do not require participants to prepare for the meetings. Some people do the daily lessons at home, which are highly recommended. Some people read the chapter ahead of time to get an overview. It is nice to have your own book, but this is not mandatory for learning. Whatever capacity you want to participate in, and whatever schedule works for you is supported. Peace, Dahlia

Upper Chesapeake Medical Campus, Maryland Room

500 Upper Chesapeake Dr. · Bel Air, MD

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A Course in Miracles is one path of many to the experience of oneness. The book is divided into 3 parts- the text, the workbook and the manual for teachers. It is a Psycho-spiritual path with the goal of opening up one's awareness of love. It can result in having more direction, peace and joy in your life. Our ongoing discussion group is open to experienced and new students of the Course alike. You are welcome to come at any time, as often or as infrequently as fits your schedule. We see our discussion groups as an adjunct to personal study. We seek to provide a nurturing environment for exploration and implementation of the Course's teachings where everyone can share and learn together. There is no charge.

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