What we're about

Rituals have the power to anchor us in the present. "Be here now", they say. "Pay attention to who you were before and who you are now. What has changed? What direction do you want to take? What do you want to take with you on your journey? What do you want to let go of?"

A deep and rich ritual can create the structure within which we are able to explore the vastness of our inner landscape. A meaningful ritual can provide a sense of safety which allows for the seeds of revelation to grow.

At its core, rituals allow for the creation of connection to others and to the self.

This group explores the many facets of ritual. We'll come together to explore many different kinds of rituals like Full and New Moon Walks and Circles, Sacred Tea Ceremonies, Falling in Love With Self Circles and, very importantly, "Traveling Through Time With Intent" rituals.

We come together to slow way waaay waaaaaaay down, and then connect with self and, finally, with others. In this way, we truly integrate everything we learn and plant the seeds for new things to come into our lives.

We are works of art that are constantly evolving and becoming.

You are not done yet. Your life has the capacity to grow in beauty in ways that you can't begin to imagine.

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Almost-Full-Moon Walk and Ritual

Horn Pond parking lot/Horn Pond Mountain

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