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Gym shut down? Yoga studio closed? Dying to get in a good workout & wanting to stay in shape AND sane during this quarantine?

I get it! I know it hasn't been easy for any of us - now that so much has been closed and we aren't able to stay fit in the ways we prefer!

What I use & offer is actually a streamable personal training service. You can stream your workout from any device with wifi - cell phone, lap top, computer... There are over 50 programs ranging from yoga to cardio to weight lifting to dance - so much variety! You'll have access to meal plans, recipes & even a cooking show

I ask my clients to follow a flexible meal planning system {80% of the time} - that’s completely customizable {veg options}. This is not only effective now, but ensures sustainability because it is flexible and helps create lifelong habits vs crazy crash diet.

You'll be included in my online community for support and accountability {daily posts/fun check-ins} & be given weekly meal plans to pull fresh ideas from.

Is that something that sounds like it’d work for you?

If so, I'd be happy to share details about price and next steps!

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