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The official meetup group in New York City for anyone interested in A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences!

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A-Frame Community Meetup by Scena 360

Needs a location

What's happening at this event?
- Meet and connect with other A-Framers, see what they're building, learn from others, and get support!
- Watch presentations and demos from guest speakers (contributors in the A-Frame and WebXR community)

If you'd like to present a topic or showcase your project, send @Danilo a message in the A-Frame Slack.

- Learn about several A-Frame topics (WebXR, aframe-extras, testing, networked-aframe, performance, etc.) through discussions and presentations

Where will it be hosted?
This meetup event will be hosted on Scena 360 (an immersive gathering platform). No downloads, accounts, or headsets required.
Why are we hosting this event?

Prior to COVID-19, A-Frame meetups happened more frequently, but they were locked to specific cities (San Francisco & NYC). We want to host more meetups and events to help foster a more connected A-Frame community in the metaverse!

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The Polys - WebXR Awards Watch Party

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