Nordic Shamanism by Lorelei Hewitt

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Price: $40.00 /per person
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Learn the ancient arts of your ancestors! The ancient Sagas of the Nordic and Germanic people teach us of ancient ways to connect with the Great Mysteries using Seidr, Galdr and runes. In this class you'll learn a brief history about our mysterious past, and experience first hand the ancient skills of divination that were taught by Nordic seers called Seidrkonas. We will sing ourselves into a beautiful trance and visit the World Tree, talk to the goddesses of fate, create a bindrune of protection and much much more... cost is $40.00. This class is taught by Lorelei Hewitt. She has studied Seidr in England with Annetta Host and in Seattle with Betsy Bergstrom. She has held many seidr gatherings, done many runic readings, and uses Galdr in her healing practice.

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