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This is an interfaith group open to everyone, regardless of their cultural, religious, ethnic background, sexual orientation (LGBTQ, straight), and age. In these difficult times of division let us nurture each other's sense of gratefulness. We hold grateful living as an engaged mindfulness practice, grounded in both wisdom and science, which supports our ability to see the wonder and opportunity in every moment, and motivates us to act boldly with love, generosity, and respect towards one another, ourselves, and the Earth.

To deepen our understanding of gratefulness, please check out:

And https://gratefulness.org/connect/gratefulness-gatherings/

We will meet once a month for 90 mins in a public space to share a meal and our thoughts and reactions to brief readings and videos meant to inspire us each month.

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Let's get-together and discuss this month's theme: "Practicing Grateful Living"

Hi friends, as usual let’s get together at "Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe" in Lakeview and share our thoughts and reactions to this month's short readings, which you can find here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iOxxYW-SyYEV5Q0iH-E_zgtM5pv9PNaF/view?usp=sharing For those of us interested in developing a more unconditional capacity for living more of our moments gratefully – and the aliveness and wholeheartedness this can bring to us and the world – we can practice a simple and yet surprisingly rich prescription for how to practice grateful living: “Stop. Look. Go.” Harkening back to times as children when we stood at a curb and had the voice of a caring adult in our ears, many of us know this maxim by heart. It speaks to harnessing our awareness, opening all of our senses, paying close attention, taking in what is all around us, and only then – acting purposefully. For more information, check out the gratefulness web site: https://gratefulness.org/ And https://gratefulness.org/connect/gratefulness-gatherings/ MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

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