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This is a group open to everyone, regardless of their ethnic background, sexual orientation (LGBTQ, straight), religion, and age. We cultivate a sincere gratitude for all the blessings life offers us. We believe that being grateful also means being non-judgmental, kind, generous and welcoming toward all human beings. We reject racism, homophobia, and prejudice against undocumented immigrants and refugees. We meet once a month to reflect, meditate, and discuss a book (memoirs, fiction, etc.), film, podcast, and/or the suggested readings and videos suggested by GRATEFULNESS.ORG.

To deepen our understanding of gratefulness, please check out:

https://gratefulness.org/ And https://gratefulness.org/connect/gratefulness-gatherings/

Our meetings are meant to make us better, kinder, happier human beings.

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Hello friends, our values help us root ourselves in what matters most. We are called to listen and reflect, learn and unlearn, clarify and revisit, proclaim and continually recommit to what we stand for as individuals and to take a stand for what our world needs in order to truly be ‘sacred for all.’ These moments beg for intensified engagement, with all of us stepping up and into the center of the conversations, issues, and changes that are beckoning – wholeheartedly, unabashedly, with humility and vulnerability, committed to greater connection and belonging. OUR MEETINGS ARE MOMENTS OF MUTUAL SUPPORT, UNDERSTANDING, AND HEALING. WE OPEN WITH A BRIEF MEDITATION AND THEN WE SHARE OUR REACTIONS TO THIS MONTH'S SHORT READINGS. THIS IS THE LINK TO THE READINGS AND VIDEOS FOR THIS MONTH: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j__n3ouVyLyUkRJbEo_ops-Mx9iU6EgO/view?usp=sharing WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ON SEPTEMBER 29! The Zoom info will be posted the day of our meeting.


Hello friends, resilience is essential to navigate these difficult times. The foundations of grateful living manifest in our capacity to embrace the opportunity of every moment. Since every moment is change, and our ability to respond to change defines resilience, gratefulness and resilience are necessarily interwoven. In adapting to and growing from shifts in life, we lean into opportunity. Even amidst suffering, we remember the possibility of joy, love, and beauty - that we might yet experience laughter, the embrace of a loved one, the vibrancy of the sky, poetry - and in doing so we nurture the hope, courage, and gratitude that keep us from chronic states of stagnation and numbness. YOU CAN FIND THE SHORT READINGS AND VIDEOS FOR THIS MONTH HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1geVWecnpRhYPEUcI0x4baqLIXY-qefs0/view?usp=sharing PLEASE JOIN US FOR A FRIENDLY AND SUPPORTIVE MEETING. WE WILL OPEN WITH A SHORT MEDITATION AND THEN WE WILL SHARE OUR REACTIONS TO THE READINGS FOR THIS MONTH. ZOOM INFO WILL BE POSTED THE DAY OF OUR MEETING. IF THE LINK DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU, PLEASE COPY IT ON YOUR BROWSER. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THEN!

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