What we're about

Welcome Fellow Boss Sisters!!

I would like to generate a safe space for women who hold leadership positions in the workplace. Whether you have the title of Boss, Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor, Executive Director, etc., I invite female leaders of all ages and backgrounds to come together so we can share our experiences, our struggles, our successes, our challenges, and most of all our vulnerability and our hearts in solidarity and support. This space is first and foremost a safe space for women who hold leadership positions. It is a place for us to express ourselves in a circle of sharing. Its purpose is to foster a forum for support and strength for women to feel more connected and less isolated in their experience as a boss. It is my hope that the space offers a sense of care for one another and that we encourage each other to soar in our respective professions. This Meetup is intended to be a place where women can empathize with, listen to one another, and form a kinship and bond through this shared experience and grow as bold female leaders.