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A Snail's Pace Running Academy offers a medically based, structured training program for runners/walkers of all levels. Our goal is to safely train each individual and help them accomplish their own "A Fitness Lifestyle" goals.


In the Mission Viejo area, classes are offered in two locations; Mission Viejo store 24451 Alicia Parkway and Back Bay Loop-Muth Interpretive Center 2301 University Dr, Newport Beach 92660. Classes are held on Wednesdays at the store and Saturdays at the Back Back loop.

Classes offered are:

5K Walking/Running Training: This is a 8 week class meeting 2 times per week. Our goal, in addition to having fun, is to assist you in increasing your overall health profile.

Half Marathon Training is a 16+ week, 1x a week group. We can help you complete your first half marathon or prepare you to improve upon a previous events time. As with all of our courses, we are very goal oriented. Classes held on Saturdays 7am at the Back Bay Loop.

Marathon Training is a 20+ week, 1x a week group. We offer multiple training schedules depending on the ability of the runner. We are here to challenge you but safely guide you through your training. Classes held on Saturdays 7am at the Back Bay Loop.

We will not only get you to the start line of the race, but prepare you to successfully complete your event and be stronger in your day to day activities.


A Snail's Pace Running Academy is officially sponsored by BROOKS RUNNING. All participants will receive:

-a Brooks Technical Training Shirt with the Running Academy Logo

-a Brooks Technical Training Cap,

-a discount coupon worth $15.00 off Brooks shoes at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop,

-a coupon worth $15.00 off any purchase of $50 or more at A Snail's Pace Running Shop.

-you will receive 10% off of all purchases made at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop while you are a participant of the Running Academy

All coaches are CPR certified. You also have access to a full line of Medical Professional who work directly with all A Snail's Pace Running Academy Coaches and Athletes.

-Structured, "goal oriented" training schedules.

-We also provide your with informative workshops based on your goal oriented needs.

Enrollment fee for all programs is as follows: 5K training- $99, Half Marathon- $149 and Full Marathon- $199.

Upcoming events (5+)

Winter Runderland 5K Training Week 7 Session 2

A Snail's Pace Running Shop - Mission Viejo

Hello Snails, HAPPY TUSTIN HANGAR RACE WEEK!! Before our race, we must complete our workouts for the week. Here are your workouts for the week. 5K Sunday- X-train or a short walk Monday- 40 minutes of strength training Tuesday- 40-minute workout at a walk 2:00 minutes/ run 3:00-minute interval. Wednesday- 40-minute group workout at a walk 2:00 minutes/ run 3:00-minutes interval. Followed by a strength and stretching session. Thursday- 40 minutes of strength training Friday- REST/RECOVERY RACE PREP Here is our fun race to participate in at the end of our Winter session. https://tustinhangarhalf.com/ Discount code is: SNAILSPACE Coach Carlo will be subbing for me today. I have my brother visiting from New York. I am so happy! Coach Carlo[masked] See you soon, Coach Michelle[masked]

Winter Runderland Tustin Hangar Fun Race

Tustin Hangar Half

CALLING ALL WINTER RUNDERLAND RUNNERS. LET'S FINISH OUR WINTER SESSION BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS FUN RACE. 10% discount code: ASNAILSPACE For complete event details, please visit https://tustinhangarhalf.com/ About the 5K Race: Start/Finish Line: The District at Tustin Legacy, at Park Ave and Tustin Ranch Rd. Start Time: 7:30 a.m.* *Times subject to change The Tustin Hangar 5k has it’s roots grounded from the original Leprechaun Leap Race that started in 2012. Runners commemorate the Leap by still dressing up in green like our beloved character, Terry O’ Tustin. This is the only race that allows runners inside the Historical Tustin Hangar where you can really feel like an ant (178 ft tall, thats 17 stories high!). The participants run from one end of the hangar to the other which is no small feet (1,088 feet long, thats 3 football Fields!). Even when the runners leave the inside of the hangar, they can still observe its massiveness from the outside while running the course.

Snails LOVE LA 26.2! Los Angeles Marathon Goal Race

Dodger Stadium

CONGRATULATIONS SNAILS!! RACE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! All your hard work is about to finally pay off. Be very proud of yourselves and enjoy the moment. Arrive early. Try to be at Dodger Stadium by no later than 5:00 AM. Yes! A 4:00 AM shuttle is recommended! There will be 25,000 runners, plus their friends and family...there will be a lot of traffic and stress if you do not arrive by 5:00 AM. Race Start Time: 6:55 AM IMPORTANT! *We will all meet at 5:00 AM at the Section 44 Field Level Seating on the right field side of the stadium. Seating chart: STADIUM MAP ( https://seatgeek.com/venues/dodger-stadium/seating-chart?gid=1216059899174184&dt=c&adId=76003755989796&mt=be&xid=1&__iv_m_e_c_76003755989796_k_76003779567617_g_1216059899174184_p_2_b_be_d_c_vi__= ) **Also, your fellow Snails will be cheering you on just past Mile 23 along the San Vincente Blvd. green belt. There will be extra water, electrolyte drinks, and other treats to help you get to that finish line energized!! **Please be sure to visit the event website for all expo and race day details. LA MARATHON ( https://www.lamarathon.com/ ) Good luck and Happy 26.2!!

Cowbells & Snail Spirit Needed! LA Marathon Cheering/Aid Station at Mile 23!

CALLING ALL SNAILS! WE NEED YOUR HELP AND YOUR COWBELLS! Let's show our LA Marathoners our Snail Spirit. We need as many enthusiastic volunteers as possible to help motivate and rejuvenate our hard working marathoners at Mile 23. Please wear your Running Academy shirts so our runners can spot you...and yup, you guessed it...MORE COWBELL! Bring anything that makes noise. Here are the amazing details: IMPORTANT...you want to drive in via 26th street...there is parking behind Chase Bank and also just past Chase Bank there is an alley on the left that leads to a parking lot right across from where our Snail tent is at San Vincente and 26th. The alley is between Brentwood Shipping and Artisean Needlepoint across from the 76 station. The yellow ASP tent inside the greenbelt along San Vicente Blvd. This location is just past mile 23...check it out: https://www.google.com/maps/place/226+26th+St,+Santa+Monica,+CA+90402/@34.0475794,-118.4912799,617m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c2a355efd57789:0x70e37f6b36c9d49f?hl=en San Vincente Blvd. closes at 5 AM, but there should not be a problem accessing that shopping center by taking the 405 to Santa Monica Blvd...head south and turn right on 26th. Arriving EARLIER than 7:00 AM is recommended due to possible traffic and road closures. Thank you everyone, your support is greatly appreciated!

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