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Attend RA201 Tinker Bell/Surf City Half Marathon Start Up!

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Welcome to the beginning of your Tinker Bell and/or Surf City journey. A Snail's Pace Running Academy looks forward to not only getting you to the finish line of your event but to providing you with the tools to help you achieve your running and fitness goals.

We will be providing you with an evidence based, structured training program. By applying the principles and the training requirements we provide, you will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

At today's session, you will receive a brief orientation of approximately 10 minutes. This will include the introduction to our warm up process that is also a strength conditioning workout. For a preview of the warm up, visit the Files section on this meetup site. Files section is under the heading "More". The handout used for our warm up is Functional Warm-up (

After a 1 mile warm-up you will participate in a timed 2 mile run. The goal of this timed run is not to run fast or hard, it is just a means for us to place you in a pace group and determine an appropriate interval for your training. Please dress prepared to run.

After our 3 mile run, we will complete a group Foundation Training workout before the cool down and post run stretching. You will find your FOUNDATION WORKOUT POST RUN final ( in the Files section as well.

*Be sure to bring water for your workout this morning!

To enroll online for the Academy Course Click here:

Here are the links to your goal race:

Tinker Bell

Surf City


Jeanette Joya Jeanette has been running since 1979, when she was on the track team for her grade school. She always kept running as part of her exercise routine. After doing several 5 & 10K's, she decided to take it to the next level and in 2007, joined Snails Pace Running Academy to complete her first Half Marathon. Since then she has completed 4 Half Marathons and her first Marathon in 2008 in Dublin, Ireland. She joined the coaching staff in 2009. When she is not coaching, Jeanette is an outside sales engineer for high tech electronics and a mother of 5. "My mother started my drive for fitness", Jeanette says, "when she used to make me exercise with her to Jack La Lanne, at age 5. I run to keep balanced, stay in touch with myself and it gives me energy to handle my busy life and makes me a better mother, wife and person. I hope I can share my enthusiasm & knowledge of running with all of you and help you reach your goals".

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