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RA 101, 5K Training-Coaster Run

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"Shorten your stride!"

"Move those arms!"

"Midfoot, midfoot, MIDFOOT!"

"Keep your head up! Face the horizon!"

I know you hear my voice in your head. It's not a figment of your imagination any more. I'm going to add another to the list.

"Where's your water?!"

Staying hydrated during the run is important. We respirate, sweat, and by the time we are thirsty when running, we are dehydrated. This week, I would like to see everyone with some sort of hydration device, such as a bottle, water belt, or hydration pack. Also, drink water during each interval break. As the weather gets warmer, so is your need for more water to prevent dehydration.

Tonight, we are running for 35 min at Stage III + 15 min FT. This is your last week at Stage III. Are you ready for the next interval change?

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Coach Anne[masked]

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