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The Strength and Conditioning for Running Class (SCR) is a running/walking strength training program that is individually planned and closely supervised by your coach and the sports medical rehabilitation team at FORMA (http://formadocs.com/). The program will address your injuries, which have held you from running or walking, and keep you from achieving your fitness health goals. We provide each athlete with a better understanding of their injuries and what factors can be contributing to their inability to run, distance walk and tackle the physical challenges of life in general.

As a participating athlete, you will receive a physical evaluation from a Sports Medicine Doctor. Once the causes of your injuries have been identified, your doctor and your Certified Running Coach will work on a series of specific exercises to assist in the healing process of these injuries.

The Coaches and Doctors will instruct you on how to exercise strategically without aggravating the injured areas. The SCR Group will meet three (3) times a week for a collective workout that will include individual exercises. These exercises will attempt to progressively take you from the "injury state" to your "goal state", being running or distance walking, on your body’s own pace.

The ultimate goal is to provide each participant with the tools necessary to learn how to follow an exercise regimen aimed to maintain (or even increase) one's metabolism and running/walking performance while recovering from an injury.

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