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Karaoke of the Month!

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Patrick Mukuka Z.


Hi All, it's that time of month again to sing some private room Karaoke! If you haven't been before, it's really a nice venue to try new songs or belt out your favorites in front of just a small group of people. It's a no pressure atmosphere where we have complete control of the song list and since you'll only be singing amongst ourselves in the group, feel free to try anything at all that comes to mind or try new songs you've never sung before.

Karaoke Melody also boasts probably the most extensive song list of any of the places in Atlanta. Even if it's an obscure song from the 80's or a no-so-popular show tune, an international language song, or a latest top 40 hit song, it's very likely that they will have it on their list. So come on down and give it a try, no judgement here!

Keep in mind that Karaoke Melody charges $6 per person per hour, not by the room, so it is very important to check in at the bar when you arrive and pay for your time when you leave. Most meetups last about 3 hours, so figure $18-$24 if you stay the whole time. Again, every person that attends is responsible for paying for their time in the room, so if you do leave early or arrive late please keep track of it so you know what you owe at the end of the night. Also, please RSVP Yes only if you can attend as we cannot keep a room if there are too few of us.

The song queue can be reordered using the room's iPad, so everyone will get a chance to sing. However, the queue only holds a maximum of 20 songs, so please be considerate and only put in 1 or 2 songs before you sing so others have a chance to sing within a reasonable period of time.
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7130 Buford Highway, Suite B-240 · Atlanta, GA
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