What we're about

Filmmaking with Social relevance !!

All kinds of interesting people live around us. some of us are fortunate enough to have a social media presence to share our life's juicy instances and there are yet others who have a meaningful life story to share but no means to do so.

Let us bring out the story of our favorite chaiwalla , the unassuming house maid, the ever smiling 'salaam saabji' security guard and all the people who serve us day in and out. The people who we cant live without and yet know nothing about. Let us recapture those candid chats we had with them on film and see the world we live in from their eyes. Let us give voice to our real Hyderabadi's !!

• Cast direct and make short films on a Day in their lives => How they make the most of Hyderabad => how their lives r unimaginable intertwined with ours / how we cant do without em

• Their stories our passion

• Capture the sights smells sounds and nostalgia of Hyderabad along ..

• Phone cam digicam handycam SLR's watever we have we'll pool in for shooting and we easily use any freeware for the editing purpose

Bon Voyage!!

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Our First Live SHOOOT - Themed 'A Day in life' Itself

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