Cuddle movie night

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This is an opportunity to enjoy non-sexual consensual contact while watching a film. It may sound really odd but it's actually a very non-threatening way in which to practice healthy boundaries whilst carefully stretching our comfort zones in exploring the simple act of connecting through touch.

Touch is crucial for our wellbeing and initiates the release of oxytocin and dopamine in the brain ("feel good" hormones), but we live in a chronically touch-deprived society where touch has been sexualised.

This event helps us normalise touch by creating a very safe space (with rules ;)) in which we can be super mindful about our comfort levels with touch and practice owning what we want and don't want in a conscious, caring way. The communication piece is a valuable part of this exploration!

We create safety by asking people to respect the "3 C's" :

- Care (for yourself and each other)
- Consent (always ask before touching)
- Confidentiality (no speaking about anyone who was there afterwards)

Please do not to come altered (drugs/alcohol) to this event; consent needs to be conscientious.

Location: the exact address (5 minutes' walk from the indicated location) and phone number will be sent to attendees on the day itself.

To bring: snacks/drinks, comfy clothes + cushion/blanket if you can - the floor has no carpet so we'll try to make it comfy with blankets and cushions.

If you have questions or would like some reassurance feel free to PM me :)