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In keeping with our mission to help advance the knowledge and skills of accessibility professionals, on January 7th we will kick off a series of sessions on topics that align with the IAAP’s Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certification curriculum offered by Deque University.

The first session will be an introduction to the series and provide an opportunity for questions and discussion. You do NOT have to have purchased the Deque course before attending on January 7.

These sessions are intended to be of general interest — of benefit both to those preparing for certification, and those simply curious about the technologies and standards it covers.

The WAS is a technical-level credential for front-end developers and accessibility professionals, covering the skills and tools needed to evaluate accessibility according to published guidelines, and to then provide detailed recommendations for remediation.

Why are we adopting a curriculum format this spring?
• Those who are unsure of pursuing certification will be able to explore the introductory topics before making a decision.
• Volunteer presenters will be able to pick topics and dates farther ahead, giving them time to explore new topics and then share what they have learned.
• Sessions are good opportunities to network while learning something new.
• For those who choose to pursue certification: learning as a group is motivating and enriching, and can help you stay focused (and find study buddies).

If you're interested in joining a special email list just for the WAS sessions, volunteering to present future sessions, or getting access to the A11y Slack for study channels and more, please fill out this form:

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Access to the Deque IAAP WAS Certification Preparation Curriculum is available at https://dequeuniversity.com/curriculum/packages/iaap-was
The courses include:

Fundamentals: Disabilities, guidelines & laws

Designing an accessible user experience

Static elements:
• Semantic structure & navigation
• Images, SVG & canvas
• Visual design
• Responsive design

Interactive elements
• Multimedia, animation and motion
• Device-independent user input methods
• Form labels, instructions & validation
• Dynamic updates, AJAX & single-page apps)
• Custom JavaScript/ARIA widgets

Accessibility testing
• Basic methods & tools
• Screen readers

Deque charges $150 for access to the course materials ($100 if you are in education: See https://dequeuniversity.com/pricing/education), and provides full scholarships for users with disabilities (see https://dequeuniversity.com/scholarships/apply).