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Are you a current graduate student? Recently completed a graduate degree (Masters/Doctorate/Ph.D)? Working as a post-doctoral scholar/researcher? Soon to start your grad school?
Then this group is meant for you. The main purpose is to create a support group to share knowledge and experiences with other grad students/scholars, and to make new friendships beyond the inner circle of your department/research lab. Meetups may include a variety of social meetings (morning coffee/brunch/lunch/dinner...etc), and attending academic, intellectual, cultural, or local events mainly in Ann Arbor.

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Nerd Night #62: Grab a drink, meet new friends, have fun and learn new things

Just come over to have a good time as the Nerd Nites have been always full of interesting speakers and topics. It is a good opportunity to get an evening break from work/school stuff by knowing new things, while grabbing a drink, and chatting with others during the breaks between the talks Remember: no obligation to make all the three talks, so it's always welcome to join at a time that fits your schedule & interests of specific talks The upcoming Nerd Nite will be about: 1) Anarchy and Art (by Ania Aizman) 2) A Brief History of [Inner] Space: Workings of the Brain's GPS (by Sharena Rice) (3) what bones are made up of and how this helps them not break (Isabel Colon-Bernal) Details: https://aadl.org/node/385286

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