Stupid Video Tricks

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Starting at 6:30pm, we'll have free food sponsored by Arbormoon Software, Inc. ( Please RSVP to help us estimate how much food we need. While you are enjoying the food, talk with other developers and network in the local Cocoa community.

Our main meeting will start at 7pm and will feature a talk on Stupid Video Tricks by Chris Adamson.

AV Foundation makes it reasonably straightforward to capture video from the camera and edit together a nice family video. This session is not about that stuff. This session is about the nooks and crannies where AV Foundation exposes what's behind the curtain. Instead of letting AVPlayer read our video files, we can grab the samples ourselves and mess with them.

AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer, meet the CGAffineTransform. And instead of dutifully passing our captured video frames to the preview layer and an output file, how about if we instead run them through a series of Core Image filters? Record your own screen? Oh yeah, we can AVAssetWriter that. With a few pointers, a little experimentation, and a healthy disregard for safe coding practices, Core Media and Core Video let you get away with some neat stuff.

Chris Adamson is an independent writer, editor, and developer, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with developing numerous App Store apps for clients, he is the co-author of iPhone SDK Development ( (Pragmatic Programmers) and Learning Core Audio ( (Addison-Wesley Professional). He maintains a corporate identity as Subsequently & Furthermore, Inc. ( and writes the [Time code]; blog ( at . In a previous career, he was a Writer / Associate Producer at CNN Headline News, and over the years, he has managed to own thirteen and a half Macs.