What we're about

Why join this this group?

* Make extraordinary meals from ordinary ingredients.

* Make new friends who enjoy cooking and baking with unusual methods (e.g., fire and bricks)

* Watch and learn how to build masonry cooking equipment

Curious newbies especially welcome! Past events have included Italian pizza making in a wood-fired brick oven, baked Alaska ice cream cake, dessert breads, European hearth loaves, chocolate croissants, and even cocktail making. Kevin, Francesca, and Craig tend to come up with the recipe themes, but we welcome all input. :-)

p.s., we used to call this group "Wood-Fired Brick Ovens are Hot." We changed the name after we broadened the topic beyond just brick ovens.

Past events (18)

Bake Italian-style pizza in a wood-fired brick oven 🔥

Needs a location

Baking French Pastry: Canelés de Bordeaux

Glacier Highlands Park

Make lobster bisque from scratch

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