August bowling at Safra Toa Payoh (2pm)


Let's have an intense but fun bowling session at Safra Toa Payoh! Come and learn to roll a ball, hit many pins and get strike !! Please commit to join the event for at least 2 hours or play at least 3 games for the most fun.

Bowling game rate is $4.5 per game. I will collect at the end of the event, depending on how many games you play (please bring exact change).

Shoes rental will be $1.5 per pair and socks are available at $1.5 per pair.

See you at the bowling alley !

##Some disclaimer##

1) This is a gathering for all who enjoy playing bowling. I DO NOT earn anything from hosting this event. I only collect the exact amount of game money that you have played.

2) The event host shall NOT be responsible for any injury or lost of property during the event period.