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Dan's Game Night Q&A:

Q: What is this thing?
A: This is a low-key, regular, games gathering in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. Come when you can, but the doors open at 6 and close at 10.

Q: Yes, yes, but what GAMES will be played?
A: Board games, social games, card games, strategy games, word games... all are fair game. It really depends on who/how many show, and what they're in the mood for. I have on hand a fairly decent selection of games, including: Settlers of Cataan, Carcassonne, Bohnanza, Taboo, Scattergories, Balderdash, Uno, Dominoes, Scrabble, Quiddler, and many more. Additionally, if someone has a game they are aching to try, bring it on!

Q: That's a lot of choice! Is there anything that won't be played?
A: This is meant to be a more laid-back, low-commitment games night. Therefore, there will be no RPGs. Also, the House frowns on interminable games that usually end in players saying, "I give up" like Monopoly and Risk.

Q: Thursday night is the middle of the week! I'm a responsible adult, and can't have fun 'cause I'm working!
A: Yes, I realize it's not optimal for many. However, I try to minimize the impact by having the evening end by 10. Also, I try to provide a crockpot soup for those coming in need of sustenance.

Q: Woohoo! Food!!
A: Yes, and if you feel so motivated, you could bring some munchies or beverages to share. NOT A REQUIREMENT!

Q: There are only 10 RSVPs available!
A: Yes, I know. This is a gathering at my own place, so space is necessarily limited, sorry! But if you can't get in on this one, try the next. I try to host these pretty frequently. ALSO, CHECK BACK closer to/ on the day of the event. Plenty of times something comes up in a person's schedule and a "yes" becomes a "no," opening up a space or two.

Q: But how do I get there?
A: We're about a 15-20 minute walk north of the Braddock Road Metro, between Mount Vernon and Rte 1. Also, parking is available on the street. If you need more specific directions, let me know. ***IMPORTANT NOTE: DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ON THE RTE 1/MONROE ST. BRIDGE, IT IS NOT CURRENTLY POSSIBLE TO ACCESS BELLEFONTE AVE. DIRECTLY FROM RTE. 1. DO NOT BELIEVE MAPQUEST, GPS, OR ANY OTHER SOURCE TELLING YOU OTHERWISE.***