April Grand Gaming Melee

This is a past event

26 people went

Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library

5005 Duke St · Alexandria, VA

How to find us

in the auditorium, down the hall to your right from the main entrance

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AARGGH and Beatley Library join forces to celebrate All Alexandria Reads, an annual city-wide program designed to encourage a shared literary experience. This year’s book is “It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the Family Tree” by A. J. Jacobs, an exploration that begins with the author’s own family and expands to the entire Family of Mankind. In keeping with the theme, let’s get together to play some family-oriented games!

Perhaps you'll enjoy Family Business, a game in which entire families compete to control local rackets: the last family with a surviving member wins! Too violent for you? Perhaps Pandemic is more your style: cooperate with the other players as if they were your siblings to quell and outbreak of diseases across the globe. It’s probably a futile effort, but you can all go down to defeat together like one big happy family. If you don’t like to cooperate (a trait instilled by many families), or if you don’t like your fictional families happy, you might try Gloom, a game in which you try to make your surly and morose family members even more surly and morose!

Whatever you want to play, you can always bring your family members to play it with you. Bring games you want to play, come without games and play what others bring, or do a little of both. There will be board games, card games, tile games, and just about every other kind of game that can be played on a tabletop. If you want to try one you’ve never played before, there will be plenty of people eager to teach you. Many of the games we’ll have on hand are suitable for ages 10 and up, so you can bring your children. You can even beat your children (as prescribed by the rules, of course).

As always, we’ll have pot-luck snacks, which we’ll store in the kitchen adjacent to the playing area. Please bring something delicious to share. Popular delicious items include bags of chips, pretzels, cookies, or crackers. Some people bring a package of doughnuts or cupcakes; these are always popular and disappear quickly. A few creative types may even bring something homemade; these contributions are especially appreciated! If you have family members who make particularly tasty snacks, this is a good day to introduce them to your gaming hobby! A refrigerator is available to store drinks and other items that should be kept chilled.

Official start time is 10:30am, but you may arrive as early as 10:00am to help with setup. Cleanup begins around 4:00pm (or whenever you decide that you can’t squeeze in one more game before the end of the event). Remember, whoever starts cleanup first gets the best choice of leftover snacks to take home!

1. Please ensure that food scraps, crumbs, and bits of packaging are not strewn in the kitchen or auditorium. The library closes shortly after our event ends, so anything edible left on the floor or counters will attract vermin overnight.
2. Please fold most of the tables and stack them under the coat rack – a few may remain where they were used – but DO NOT FOLD THE CHAIRS. Leave them out in any configuration that lets people walk around them easily. Many chairs are needed for a program the following day, but the tables only impede the activity.