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Our purpose is to bring together Single and Professional ABC - American/Australian Born Chinese or British Born Chinese or Canadian Born Chinese and those who speaks English as 1st language.

Whether you worked, lived and studied abroad and feel more comfortable speaking English or if you moved back to Taiwan for your parents, we know your pain.

Who should join?

- ABC = American/Aussie Born Chinese, BBC = British Born Chinese, or CBC, Canadian Born Chinese, ..etc.

- Expats or English speakers as 1st language

- Must be 21 and over

- college grad

Policy, communication and behavior regulations below:

A clear facial profile picture is required by each member. If there is no clear picture, attendance will be removed or pushed to the end. 2nd warning will lead to removal from our group.

Not paying for own share/fees/dinner will lead to removal.

Do not greet/spam our NEW members unless you are a organizer/host or you have met in person.

Do not borrow money from hosts. They are not ATM or currency exchange agents. Come prepared with your share.

Do not stalk our members. If we hear about an complaint, it's a reason for removal of members.

Please be courteous to all members and staffs. i.e. any comments in person or not (ex. Email or chitchat) that may be angry, whiny or offensive will subject to removal and rejection.

Flakes will be a reason for removal. Cancellation last minute is considered a flake.

Do not show up without RSVPing Yes. The host has her/his reason for RSVP limit/count. If this occur more than once, membership will be removed.

If we hear multiple complaints of a member's action, we will remove them.

Removed members may re-apply after 6 months. We will review case by case. Approval is not guaranteed.

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