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Please read the full description before you go somewhere else or decide to join us!

**This group is not based on, nor shares any association with the Heathens MC, just a quick clarification. This is also not an MC or an RC, it's just a club for getting some like-minded steel horse riders together.

The only (few) rules are:

• You may not want to be a Christian and join this group , and we will NOT accept evangelist types (if you are a Christian, check out the groups out there for Christian riders... There are many, many, many!), this group was founded as a direct result of the plethora of Christian bikers/biker groups already out there. That said, "minority religions" and "non-judgmental types" are acceptable if you are just as tired of groups like the "CMA" or "BFC" as we are and want good, trustworthy and safe people to ride with... Who practice active, conscious safety when riding, -not- riders who simply "pray" for it.

• We're not a bunch of jerks who spit on crosses and burn churches, we just want "our own group". Fairly generally, as a group we don't bad-mouth religion(s) and we don't talk politics. We just ride, hang out and shoot the breeze. We want to keep it that way, hence the general ban on super-religious types... We also don't want people getting super hurt about Cory's occasional sense of humor.

• No bikes/trikes/etc under 250cc's unless you come to a non-ride event... Gotta be able to do highway speeds consistently (55-60mph) at a minimum. Most rides will be cruising-speed rides, so this is about how fast we'll be going until we find really fun hills or something.

• Brand-new members may be required to do an informal ride with the organizer or co-organizer to demonstrate skill on a motorcycle BEFORE being allowed to ride in a group formation during a group ride. We don't have "probates" but this is a general rule for safety purposes. If you can demonstrate ability to ride safely though, we will gladly welcome you to the crew.

[No gender requirements, no bike make requirements (not an American-only group), no obligations or dues. HOWEVER:]

--> First and foremost, there is no true 'hierarchy' in the group, however the team of Cory, LG, and Mike are the group leaders... Cory as organizer, LG and Mike through experience and input/effort put into the group.

If a situation arises that needs attention, these are the people to go to. Problems will be worked out, discussed civilly and fairly, but be aware that these guys have the ability to ban members who become too disruptive, prove to be unsafe, and have the final call in deciding whether members are acceptable for the group.

IF you attend enough rides, and show interest, Cory will include you in the assistant organizer category, and give you more sway in what the group does, where we go, and so forth! Just come forward and let him know.

• MEMBERS WHO JOIN need to sign in, send a message, visit the page, come on a ride, suggest a ride, come to a non-ride event (pub night) or something similar at least once or twice every 8 months. Those who do not message the organizer/co-organizer, come to a ride/event/etc or check the page will be removed, but allowed to re-join when they decide they miss the group.



Are you an atheist, secularist, agnostic, non-believer, skeptic, or other non-religious type who also rides a motorcycle? What about if you're someone who loves riding with an experienced motorcyclist, but don't want to go with a super religious motorcycling group? Then you've come to the right place.

Have you wanted to ride specifically with other heathens, without having the guy in the group with the religious stuff all over his bike? No club, no "club rules", no bike requirements! Just come ride and hang out.

Bring what you've got, only catch would be you need a bike that can do most road speeds, so 250cc+ would be highly advisable at a minimum.

I'd like to have a group to get together for casual riding! Why ride alone when you know how temporary this life can be? Safety in numbers and more fun with pals!


Keep 'er shiny side up.

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