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THUR. Magical, Mystical Meditation - all welcome

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Let Carole Michaella take you on an EMPOWERING, MYSTICAL, MAGICAL, MEDITATION EXPERIENCE followed by an OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION and, when time permits, Carole will do Oracle readings for you from her Guides and Masters.

($5.00 donation if you can)


Carole Michaella began her career as Director of Peninsula Dance Arts Co. for 20 years in San Diego- training the West Coast’s top dancers to perform with stars such as: Madonna, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Cher, Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stalone, John Travolta and more…

During this time, Carole began to develop her latent psychic abilities by studying and practicing The Silva Mind Control Method, finding that whatever she focused her mind on- both good and sometimes bad- she could easily manifest into her life. Thus began Carole’s life-long quest of seeking answers to the Universe, by studying Eastern/Western philosophies and religions, esoteric science, and ancient "qi" meditation. Carole not only adhered to a vegan diet, a top body-surfing athlete, danced professionally in over 2,500 shows, but expanded herself mentally and spiritually by meditating every day from one to two hours. In order to move into higher states of mind, body, and spiritual awareness, Carole also studied and practiced BUDDHISM, KUNDALINI YOGA, FALON GONG- CHI GONG, PRAJNA AKA’S AGARBHA AND SAHAJ MARG.

Carole connects with her MASTERS AND DIVINE GUIDES to help people by creating amazing LIFE CHARTS and INTUTIVE COUNSELING (using Oracle and Angel Cards readings.) Carole is a naturally gifted healer- certified in advanced Theta Healing, Advanced Reiki and is now using Color, Crystal and Sound Therapy for her own developed style of healing and perfection of the Human Physical Form.

Carole is the author of I AM THE POWER…AND SO ARE YOU, Accessing the Ancient Power of the Universe – A Dancer’s Story, An exciting, adventurous, book about a lonely soul from another dimension (surviving many near death experiences) while living the life of a professional dancer/director- acquiring the knowledge of how one can harness the energy of the Universe in order to manifest here on this planet.