• C++ Round Table Session

    Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

    We are continuing our "Round Table" format to banter and debate C++. Nothing is off limits, all levels of developers are welcome. Conversation starter for this evening: what features were added in C++11 or later which inspired you or was more useful than expected. Bring code samples and come prepared to talk about the positive evolution of C++. Knights of the Round Table: Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

  • Santa Clara: Polymorphism

    NVIDIA, Building E, Marco Polo Room

    Many C++ programmers, automatically think of virtual when they hear 'polymorphism'. However, there are better, more flexible ways to have polymorphism without using virtual. This talk will show how to achieve that. We will start by looking at static and runtime polymorphism and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then we will take a look at 'virtual', looking at how it is implemented and the disadvantages of inheritance based polymorphism it entails. With that background in place, we will demonstrate a technique using C++17 that combines some of the best features of static and runtime polymorphism without using inheritance while still being easy to use. About the Speaker: John Bandela first started programming in C++ at age 14. It took a while, but as he learned the language, he decided he really liked C++. John attended the University of Florida and obtained his undergraduate degree in Computer and Information Science. During his undergraduate time, John created and submitted Boost.Tokenizer. He then went on to medical school and neurosurgery residency, but decided to do something with a little less scary undefined behavior and returned to programming in C++.