Early success is a terrible teacher - Emyr Williams

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We all want to be successful in our programming careers, and I'm sure we've all seen the meme of the difference between an experienced programmer and a new programmer (it works first time...)

I would argue that we should be suspicious of early success.

My plan for this talk, is using examples from other fields to demonstrate why early success is a bad thing. I also intend to redefine what failure actually means, and why we shouldn't fear it.

Speaker Bio:
Emyr is a software engineer who has developed in such diverse languages as C++, Golang, Python, Java, C#, BASIC, Bash, and even a smattering of ReactJS. He is passionate about writing good code and self improvement, as well as playing his guitar. He has served as an ACCU C++ Standards officer, was an attendee of the BSi C++ Committee in the UK, as well as the guy who interviewed various folks for the CVu ACCU Magazine, and once upon a time, ran ACCU Bristol. He will likely get a Star Wars or Monty Python reference in to his talks if left unattended for too long.