Agile 101 The RPG (Role Playing Game) - Emma Hopkinson-Spark

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Have you ever played dungeons and dragons? Team up to slay a dragon and steal the treasure? Well, instead of playing as a Paladin or a Fighter, you’ll be a Developer or a Product Manager; and instead of running off to slay a (poor defenseless) dragon, you’ll be working together to get your product to market and as many users as possible. Twenty-sided dice, character cards, quests and random events are also there to trip you up, or help you along.

I use this game to teach all sorts of agile development practices and principles, from risk management and prioritisation techniques to collaboration, XP and scrum. In this session there’ll be no targeted learning outcome though - we’ll get into teams and get playing as quickly as possible. Once we have a winning team we’ll discuss the learnings we found along the way….. Oh, and there’s prizes!

Emma has had an eclectic career to date, from full-time musician and singer to software developer, H&S auditor to coach. She was a winner in the UK Agile Awards, helped develop the CSP standards and exam for the Scrum Alliance in 2011, and was part of the team chairing the the Global Scrum Gathering in London 2018. Emma is now a Director at 101 Ways and leads a community group - WTF (Women’s Tech Focus) - providing a support network for women working in technology, discussing personal and career development topics.