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I feel the Love of God within me now (Lesson 189)
This lesson tells us that when we feel the Love of God, we’ll see the world differently. What we feel in our hearts is reflected in our outward worlds. The Course calls this the ‘law of seeing’ – we look upon that which we feel inside. Happily we always have a choice. During our next meeting, we’ll discuss how to embrace the light within us and feel the Love of God, and therefore change our personal worlds.

Julz Hacker

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We are students of A Course In Miracles whose purpose is to improve our relationships with others and ourselves, and to foster inner peace, which often translates to a more peaceful world around us. We meet monthly to chat about how we are living the principles (1 hour) and to study parts of the book (1 hour). It would be most beneficial to you if you've read the book or are reading it (text, workbook, and Manual for Teachers). We've all found the Course on our different paths of spirituality and metaphysics, and blend well. However, we focus on the Course during our meetings.

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