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Cross Section and Deep Dive into TensorFlow

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Join us for the first TensorFlow User Group meetup. (


5:30 - Doors open. Initiation of the new guild members.
5:45 - Networking. Meet members of the guild.
6:45 - Welcome. Members of the guild to vote on the topics of interests for the future meetings.
7:00 - Talk #1. Overview of Tensorflow
7:30 - Fireside chat and Q&A with Alexander Boxer, Senior Scientist @ Areté Associates
7:45 - Fireside chat and Q&A with
8:15 - Q&A break & wrap-up.

Talk #1: Overview of Tensorflow

• What is Tensorflow, really?

• What does TensorFlow bring to the table

• TensorBoard: Visualizing Learning

• TensorFlow Mechanics

• Likely scenarios for evolution of TensorFlow

• The new world ahead - places you've never been before where TensorFlow may take you today and tomorrow

Presenter: Saba Arslan Shah, Machine Learning Engineer @ FAM Global

• Hands-on 10+ years of experience in analysing business requirements for applications.
• Experience optimizing a bunch of Machine Learning algorithms like Naive Bayes, Random Forests, Logistic Regression, SVM and Neural Networks. Experience in NLP including Twitter Text Classification.
• Hands on experience implementing recommender systems with predictionIO and otherwise. Experienced handling cold start problems etc.

Fireside chat with Q&A with Alexander Boxer, Senior Scientist @ Areté Associates

Alex Boxer is a Senior Scientist at Areté Associates, a small defense contracting company. He obtained his Ph.D. in plasma physics from MIT in '09. Some of his current projects entail image recognition, and he has recently made the transition from constructing neural networks in MATLAB to using TensorFlow for increased speed. Outside of work, Alex enjoys reading about, and occasionally giving talks about the history of science.

Fireside chat with Q&A: Levels of autonomy at open AI and how AI is converging with other advanced technologies - with Jim Burke

Jim is part of the business pursuit and proposal development team at Engility, providing support innovation for major procurements. He helps capture teams identify Engility capabilities and gaps, support technical and management solutions development, and evaluate potential teammates. As the former head of the TASC Futures Group, he created innovative studies of the future, emphasizing ways that early-warning signals, trends and implications could be exploited to develop business and satisfy customer needs. He helped legacy TASC understand the future of big data and data analytics. Jim is an Engility Technical Fellow, one of a small group of employees who act as technical advisors, advocates, and ambassadors on a variety of technical and engineering issues.