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What we're about

Do you want to:

• Learn Acting techniques for film and TV?

• Learn how to talk to audiences?

• Be part of a film?

• learn about entertainment environments?

• learn to be a host or M.C.?

• Make new friends?


Acting Workshop for all skill levels and ages.

Scene Study for Film and Television.
Every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm

WA : 087776655295

Rp.50.000 for first-time audit Class.
Rp.400.000 per Month thereafter.

Event Description Film Scene Study Workshop, with Wilson Novoa (Willo Keys), Producer, actor and entertainer from Latin America.
This acting workshop is for people interested in being in the industry of entertainment and taking their acting talents to the next level.
Especial for Actors, Actresses, comedians, singers, MC and entertainers in general.

Our workshop:

Each actor performs two or three times in class. We supply sides (scripts) from film and television. Scenes are started from cold readings between two actors. The instructor will break down and direct the scene in terms of how it will be shot. We will work on constructing the character and emotions and analyzing the script. After your weekly progress with the new directions, you will be invited to Shot your scene film style at FUSE Productions by the Indonesian Indie Filmmakers Workshop thereafter.

All ages can come join us at FUSE Production for professional and fun acting classes! and once a month we do on-camera auditions. Be the STAR of your own movie.
Come play with us in a safe and supportive environment, expand your creativity, and have fun! Our classes will be directed in English.

Contact us by Phone for more information about location and dates or by Email with the subject “FUSE - ACTING CLASS”

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