California Freethought Day


The 18th annual California Freethought Day celebrates secular rights, science, and the First Amendment.

California Freethought Day combines the fun and atmosphere of a fair with the education and activism of a conference. It's a festival of freethought. We'll have speakers and live entertainment, an authors' panel with Q&A, and more!

Our 2019 Theme: "Think again!"
Have you ever changed your mind? It's not always easy, especially on something that you've thought was true your entire life.

Maybe it's something you learned from your history class, a believable urban legend passed on from your parents, or any of the other hundreds of things we hear every day that go unchallenged.

Our theme this year is to Think Again about those things we believe to be true, especially the facts we hold most dearly, and to admit with excited humility when we've changed our mind... because others might be wrong, too.

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