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"Addiction Recovery Coaching in Denver & Meditation Support Group" is excited to present a Mini-Workshop series; an innovative Sobriety Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation Group for those in Addiction Recovery… We meet weekly and offer peer support, Sobriety Coaching, and Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Exercises and Quiet informal group sitting practice. Group led Hypnosis for Mindfulness training, Stress Relief, Relaxation and Positive Imagery.

Are You Feeling Stuck in your Recovery program? Tired of being stuck in story and hearing the same old negativity at 12- step groups? Seeking Solutions and effective tools rather than a power hour of complaints? Tired of guilt trips and fear based lingo? Prefer Buddha, Goddess, or open to progressive teachings and meditation techniques vs. JUST Their concept of God or Higher Power? Wondering if there could be another way to get more out of recovery, in addition to or outside of the 12 step meetings? Been told there IS ONLY ONE WAY TO DO THIS DEAL? …Want More from Your New Life? Want More out of Your Respective Recovery Path? THERE IS MORE! Go Beyond the 12 Steps and Climb to the Top! REACH the PEAK!

Learn more tools to expand your own individualized recovery program. We don't believe that there is Only One way to living a clean & sober life style. What works for one person, may not work for another. Recovery is a process and it's about finding what works for each of us. There is no cookie cutter approach to staying clean and sober. Each week our Sober Addiction Recovery Coach will facilitate and Provide Professional Group Recovery Coaching Skills and Peer Support. We will feature and smash through a different Topic and Coaching Skill all while working towards developing a more meaningful and Holistic Approach to a Successful Clean & Sober Life Style. We will have on-going themes: "Mind over Matter, Making Better Choices, Identifying and Changing Old Beliefs that no longer work," all while supporting one another, Doing whatever it takes, and using whatever works to stay clean & sober. There will be Group Meditation, Group Discussion and Group Exercises to help build: Self-Acceptance, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Esteem/Confidence, Self-Hypnosis, and Better Coping Skills.

Our Mission: To teach realistic and meaningful skills, provide resources to assist in becoming SUCCESSFUL in MANY areas of our lives, not JUST abstinence! To be identified as MORE than just an "Addict" or "Alcoholic" in Recovery… This will be facilitated by a Professional Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotic-Coach who is also in active Recovery (Clean & Sober over 14 years). His focus is on Recovery Coaching and Teaching; Useful & Practical Recovery Tools, Martial Arts, Fitness training, Meditation & Mindfulness Exercises, Traditional and Non-Traditional Techniques, Advanced Recovery Concepts, and Alternative Options for Sober SUCCESS. He also draws from his background in Buddhism (former President of the Buddha's Light International Association) and Mindfulness Skills training also developed as a Guru in Kuntao Silat and from several other Western Mystery school tradition teachings and other esoteric and Mystical Teachings.

Non-Traditional, Advanced Recovery Concepts Utilizing
Martial Arts, Fitness, Meditation, Coaching Tools & Whatever Works!
Taking Addiction Recovery Outside of the Box & Beyond the Steps!
"Addiction Recovery Coaching in Denver"

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