What we're about

This is a friendly social group for anyone who has either been diagnosed (or suspects) with a neurological differences such as ADHD, Dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Dyslexia. All group members are always welcome to bring friends or family members.

Are you sick and tired of doing the same thing with the same people?

Perhaps you’re always getting told off for interrupting people, fidgeting, zoning out .. or not paying attention!

If you are nodding your head... I urge you to join this group!!
Turn up late! Disappear whenever you want to.....
At this meetup there are no rules or judgment. You are free to be yourself!

Meeting will vary... one week we may be watching stand up comedy... the next hitting the chill factor... the following a festival.

This group is open for anyone to join of adult age who has or suspects they have ADHD or ASD or co-morbid conditions such as Tourette's, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia... (or anyone who feels they just doesn't fit the neurotypical mold)

I’m Louise a 29 year old (recently diagnosed ADHD, ASD & Dyspraxia). After struggling to find any support/social groups in Manchester I decided to launch this meetup group.

This is a fairly new meetupgroup, events tend to take place 2-3 times a month.
Group members are encouraged to contribute their ideas for group activities, or host their own events for this group. I am happy to add regular attendees as event hosts so that they can post their own events.

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Work from Home - Business Event

Barca, Castlefield

Are you open to making money from home? This is a great event for anyone likes the idea of running a home based business. Either full time or alongside your regular job. With the flexibility of working as much or as little as you want & choosing your own hours. The event focuses on helping people reach their fitness and financial goals. The presentation will feature sensational health transformations & business testimonials. This casual event will provide you with the opportunity to , develop business skills and acquire industry-leading business strategies. You will also get to meet with top leaders and corporate trainers who will motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.

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