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1st Night Series Meetup for May: What the Hell Are We Doing With Infographics?

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Last year around this time, I did a two-part tutorial on how to create infographics. The style of the infographics I was demonstrating was the trendy, web-2-point-oh-ey kind that you can find plenty of examples of on websites like this one:

But infographics (also known as data visualization) obviously can have an infinite number of styles, but this current trend has ignited a small controversy in the design community about which is better: clear-but-boring, or engaging-but-cluttered?

The goal of course should be the best of both: clear and engaging. But in trying to get there, many designers come across a number of pitfalls, not the least of which is in determining even what exactly the purpose of infographics are.

This meetup won't be a how-to tutorial, it'll be a discussion of the whole reason for infographics, the dos-and-don'ts, techniques and tips, the common mistakes and the common misconceptions, and a whole bunch of examples of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the fugly.


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